Core Game Tech:
The Heroic Game Stack.

At Code Wizards we’ve been through every stage of the game development lifecycle – from design and development to scaling and live operations – with a broad range of studios using different tech stacks and launching on various platforms. While we won’t say we’ve seen it all, we will say it’s pretty close!

When it comes to deciding on the foundation for your next game, or for your studio’s next 10 games, typically the decision making process starts at “build vs. buy”. We’re happy to help in either avenue, but the reality is that the state of available game tech has advanced so much from the early days of the industry that it is difficult to justify the time, expense, and inevitable accumulation of tech debt coming from building internally.

Arguably one of the most complete and capable solutions in the space is the product suite offered by Heroic Labs. We’ve partnered with Heroic Labs to help many of our clients migrate away from unreliable or overly expensive backend solutions, build rich social and competitive experiences into their games, and implement live operations strategies to grow their games to the next level.

Heroic Labs provides a comprehensive suite of game tech to cover all stages of your game development and game operations. Best of all, this Heroic Game Stack is composable, meaning you can take advantage of only the products relevant to your particular game at any specific time, and can adopt any of the other offerings if or when you need them.

The Heroic Game Stack is designed to work well together as a complete suite, but it doesn’t need to be run as one.

There are four core pieces of game tech offered by Heroic Labs, each tried and tested by us as part of our own research into market solutions as well as during customer engagements. These are:


Open-source game server with a rich set of social and competitive features


A game development kit built on top of Nakama enabling rapid development timelines and fast integration of LiveOps, Social, and Economy features into your games


Hosted offering scalable to meet the demands of the largest games, with flat, predictable pricing, not usage-based

Heroic Cloud

A LiveOps platform specifically designed for game studios, enabling Event Capture, A/B testing, Audience Segmentation, Remote Configuration, Live Events management, and much more

If you need to migrate from an existing platform, whether proprietary or third-party, to Nakama, we can help you manage the transition with little-to-no downtime to your game. We can also help in porting and optimizing your server code to best take advantage of Nakama’s features, performance, and efficiency.

For your in-development projects, we can help integrate Hiro and Nakama early-on, setting the foundation for future success with easy integration of social and economic features to optimise your players’ experience and your UA spend.

We’ve helped many studios elevate their Live Operations for existing titles using Satori and can do the same for your games. We can handle the integration of Satori into your client code, then assist with best practices and strategies for audience segmentation and experimentation to find the most value from your player base.