Player Analytics.

Player analytics with AWS

Code Wizards specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored for the gaming industry.

Our Game Analytics Data Pipeline service is designed to empower game developers with the insights they need to create exceptional player experiences. If you are getting ready to launch a new title or have an existing pipeline that you have outgrown and need to migrate your data to a new AWS based solution, leave it to the Wizards.

By harnessing the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we offer a comprehensive suite of tools and expertise to build robust, scalable, and efficient data pipelines.

The Code Wizards Approach: Engagement and Delivery

Embarking on a successful partnership with us involves a well-structured approach:

Requirement Gathering: Our adept software architects engage directly with your team, including game designers, developers, and data analysts. Through interviews, workshops, and collaborative sessions, we delve deep into your player analytics requirements to gain a profound understanding of your unique needs.

Solution Design and Architecture: Armed with your requirements, we craft a customized Player Analytics Data Pipeline using AWS services. This encompasses selecting the ideal AWS components, defining data ingestion, processing, and transformation strategies, and integrating visualization tools for comprehensive data exploration and insights.

Documentation and Handover: As part of our commitment to transparency and empowerment, we provide you with extensive documentation. This includes architectural diagrams, configuration specifics, and deployment guidelines, ensuring you understand the rationale behind each pipeline element – from Kinesis to S3, Athena to Redshift, we’ve got you covered.

With this meticulous approach, we aim to streamline your requirements gathering, design an optimal solution, and ultimately present you with a Player Analytics Data Pipeline that leverages the prowess of AWS services.